Round table

The ESCS 2018 executive team is glad to announce the round table “Bioethical aspects in Bioinformatics”, in the frame of the European Student Council Symposium 2018.

The development of humans throughout history is associated with the development of their technology, such as bioinformatics and computational genomics. The intersection of ethics, computing, and presents a space not yet adequately mapped, despite its rapidly growing importance. This ensemble of bioethics, business ethics, information technology, genetics, and genomics presents a hydra-headed challenge, the same one faced when the shoulder of moral inquiry is put to the wheel of any new science. It requires identifying the issues, suggesting first approximations of best practices, and recommending ethically optimized public policy options.

In order to explore extensively this topic we invited  5 different figures from academia who will present their ideas and engage an interactive discussion with the audience of students and young researchers in Bioinformatics :

Prof. Yves Moreau, KULeuven, Belgium - Professor at the faculty of Engineering Science, with personal interest in ethical issues related with the modern and future technologies.


Prof. Julio Saez-Rodriguez, Achen/EMBL, Germany - Professor at the interdisciplinary Joint Research Center for Computational Biomedicine of Achen and researcher at the EMBL, with main interest in network Biology.

Dr. Mahsa Shabani, KULeuven, Belgium - Postdoctoral research at the Interfaculty Centre for Biomedial Ethics and Law.

Dr. Pooya Zakeri, KULeuven, Belgium - PhD in Bioinformatics and master graduated in Philosophy.


Dr. Anna Zhukova, Pasteur Institute, Paris - Computer scientist working on system biology and biological modeling.



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